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We value your business and will work hard to give you the best service and quality of other aerosol manufacturers and any of our other competitors. Below are the services offered by Custom Aerosol Products.

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Contract Filling

If you have paint or product that needs to be put into aerosol. Contact us to fill it for you.


We offer most standard camo paints for hunters and fishermen. We have nine standard colors that can be used for most applications such as boats, blinds, guns, and most any outdoor projects, including automobiles. If you do not find your desired color, we will custom match it for you. We use a very high-quality automotive grade paint. Be sure to check out our standard color chart.

Paint Matching

Custom matched paint for most applications. Our paint is used by manufacturers countrywide for touching-up their products during production or installation, where many scratches or blemishes may be found. It can also be used by the homeowner for repairs around the house and even as auto touch up paint. Send us your sample color, and we will match and return it with a sample for your approval, or when we ship your order. Your sample will be returned unharmed. We can also match pantone colors `{`PMS`}`, or RAL color charts.

Custom Aerosol Products

We also make custom aerosol products and match metallics in aerosols or sprayable paint. Many suppliers of aerosol products do not make metallics due to the very complex problems associated with making and using them.

Commercial and Residential

We offer our services to individuals and companies as well. Send us your paint and we will repackage it into aerosol spray paint. Many manufacturers desire the exact paint used on their products during production. We can repackage your paint, and even use your label.

Fast Service

Ship times can be 2-5 days in most cases, and next day air if requested. In most cases, we ship very next day your order is placed.

Aerosol Can Filling System

Custom Aerosol is now providing automatic and manual aerosol can filling pumps for those customers wanting to fill their aerosol cans themselves. The automatic system is designed to work at the touch of a button – just set the dial to the desired amount of paint for the can, push the button and the pump does the work. If you have smaller quantities of cans to fill, then a manual pump system is available. Both systems are quick, clean and simple to use.

Spray cans themselves are really very simple. Starting at the bottom of the can, they are filled with paint (A), propellant and solvent (B), “head space” for the propellant to exist as a gas (C), and the spray valve (D). Custom Aerosol offers pre-charged cans containing propellant and solvent; you then add the paint and you are ready to go!

Our cans feature an inner valve specially designed to prevent clogging even when using very thick paints like primers. Our spray tip produces a fan spray pattern which applies the paint in a very even manner. Our cans are available in the standard 16 fluid ounce (11 oz. net weight) size or a smaller 6 fluid ounce (4 oz. net weight) size). Take advantage of these key benefits by owning and using your own aerosol can filling system:

  • Two pump options- The easy-to-use automatic system or the convenient manual pump for smaller requirements.
  • Two can sizes- Choose from the standard 16 fluid ounce can or the smaller 6 fluid ounce can.
  • Spray tip- The fan spray pattern provides a quicker and more even application of paint, and the superior valve ensures less spray tip clogging.
  • Better solvent blends- Our pre-charged cans are compatible with almost every fast-dry coating (acrylics, lacquers, vinyl and enamels).

Aerosol Can Filling Pumps

Custom Aerosol offers aerosol can filling systems for those customers who wish to package their own paint or coatings.


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