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We specialize in custom matched aerosol spray paint, contract filling, camo paint, auto touch-up paint, and many other aerosol products. We carry our products in quantities as small as 1 aerosol can and up. We also offer 1 gallon pails and 1/2 ounce brush-in-cap bottles, very much like a nail polish bottle. Our paint is a very high-quality Alkyd modified acrylic enamel, which is normally used for after-market automotive quality paints. We have 42 years of experience in the field of custom aerosol, and have a better, more user-friendly product and lower price than most of our competitors.
As an aerosol manufacturer, we can custom match a product for almost any specific need that you may require, either for commercial needs or just the average needs around the house you may have as a homeowner.
Our paint is manufactured to be easy to use for the average person or for the professionals that use them every day. Our products have a very fast drying time and in almost every case, we have “one coat” coverage, as opposed to four or five coats require for some of our competitor’s products. We use very high-quality additives to reduce the sagging or runs that are normally associated with aerosol paint. We guarantee our color matches and performance, or your money back.


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As aerosol manufacturers, we supply all products to your satisfaction, or your money back.

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Our technical staff has 40 years of experience in manufacturing all types of paint, including custom aerosol spray paint, auto touch-up paint, and carpet dye. We have 25 years experience in aerosol products alone.


We have supplied customers from almost every industry with touch-up paint for their products, or aerosol touch-up cans to send with their products for maintaining colors for years in the future. We recently began offering our service to the general public, which is very rare in our industry.


We have built a strong relationship with our clients. Most of our new customers come to us through referrals.